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All the sounds of the
earth are like music.*

Uncommon Sound Logo

All the sounds of the
earth are like music.*

I'm listening!

I'm ListeningMy name is Patrick Sasso. I started Uncommon Sound un 1998 when I was producing and writing my own music. I wanted my productions to be as unique as the individuals I produced and recorded. I am a self-taught, self-starter who learned his craft on analog gear and borrowed mics. I am a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer and I can help you sound great.

My goal is to give you a sound that highlights your uniqueness and captures your own personal style and artistic vulnerability.

My decades of producing, recording, mixing and mastering have given me a special understanding of the balance or creating art and building relationships in the studio and my many years as a musician have given me an ear for when to be experiment and when to keep it simple.

I’ve produced, created, mixed and mastered audio of all kinds and all formats—from broadcast to podcast and everything in-between.

Let me help you bring out your best, your warmest, and your brightest qualities that make you uncommon.PS Initials


Produce, Mix and Master Audio
for Modern Broadcast and Distribution

Music Producer

Remote or On-Location - Artists and compositions are unique and deserve a fresh and unbiased treatment. I act as an extra pair of ears and hands to bring your recordings to life. I can simply act as an agent and facilitrator or a gopher and sounding-board; or I can get in there and help you flesh out tracks and build on ideas that give your recordings that extra something special. I use any and all available tools.


Inside-the-box with primarily Logic, Pro-Tools but for audio in broadcast and film I have mixed on all Adobe products and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. While I prefer to mix with my go-to plug-ins, mixes can be a collaboration as well as a solo project so I have and can employ several of the commercial plugins or stock plugins. Sometimes you just want someone to build on your vision and that’s great so I can accommodate and way that’s most convenient for you.


All stereo broadcast and distribution platforms.
I have a simple approach to mastering—I master what is mixed. I’ll balance and bring out the best in your mix or master what I mix for you. I can do a stem master for more control, or—what I prefer—a single stereo track. I’ll give your track the right loudness that it can handle and make sure it stands up to the competition. Uncommon Sound is a certified Apple Digital Master.

ADM-main US

Song Registration
& Distribution

▸ Sometimes you just need a little extra guidance
▸ Distribution Services: I can help you choose and navigate the process.
▸ PROs and Copyrights: Do you have a PRO? Are your songs copyrighted?
▸ ISRC codes: you can have your own!
▸ Embed metadata—including cover art—into your mp3s.

What to expect

✓ Planning & Review - we’ll review your philosophy and build a plan of action that suits your timeline and your needs. You’ll receive a professional and thoughtful exchange of ideas and practical solutions.
✓ File transfer and DAW setup - levels, gain-staging make the rest of the process easier and clearer.
✓ EQ and Compression - In today’s productions these are almost always necessary and paramount to a good final result.
✓ Effects and special processing - over the years I’ve picked up some techniques that can help your mix stand out.
✓ Final formatting and output - I can provide you with multiple versions of your files for various platforms and distribution, including files mp3’s with metadata and cover art embedded.
✓ Unlimited revisions!? Yes. Why? Because I want you to be happy and I am also very confident in my ability to deliver a result you will be proud to show off!

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I feel it! Can you feel it?
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I can work with anyone, anywhere.


patrick (at) uncommonsoundnyc.com


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